Top Five Things I bought at Nordstrom’s 2021 Anniversary Sale

Or how a 6 am shopping spree became my new Olympic sport.

I am back. After a long hiatus, I decided to return to blogging and what better way to start than the day of Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, or as some may call it “the best day of the year”. I woke up at 6 am to my iPhone buzzing off of a side table with alerts that I “may miss out” on my wish list items. Bolting out of bed, grabbing iPhone, iPad and last night’s coffee mug, I rushed to the kitchen to start the Keurig machine and settled on the couch for some morning shopping. Here’s what I bought:

  • AllSaints Ray Leather Wallet – This wallet looks classy with a removal zip pouch and plenty of places to store credit cards and cash. Does anyone use cash anymore?
  • RayBan Wayfarers – Classic, retro yet not too big. Anyone else abandoning oversized sunglasses?
  • Tom Ford lipstick – I went with “pink dust”. Not on sale, but my late grandmother always emphasized to me the importance of a good lipstick so I bought it. (PS: It also comes with a bonus lipstick in rouge!) XOXO, Grams!

Other honorable mentions:

So, what did you buy? Most of these items are still on sale… if you want them, better act fast.

XOXO, Sara

Day 1: Sourdough Starter

Ok, so like of most of you, I am trying to bide my time during this quarantine and to make the most of the amount of “free” time I have so why not try to create my own sourdough starter? I’m following the brilliant blog post from King Arthur Flour web site and it’s apparently *almost* foolproof! I don’t have a lot of all-purpose flour left, and there is 0 at my local store, so I subbed that out with 1 cup of bread flour. Fingers crossed!

PS: Does this look too dough-y ???

PSS: What are you doing during the quarantine? Please share below.

Day 1 sourdough starter