Thank you, Big Papi

B-iiiiiiiG Papi!  The day I waited in line to meet the Red Sox great.

Last Friday, I had the thrill of my life meeting my favorite Red Sox DH-er at the Harvard Coop for a book signing of his memoir: “Papi: My Story“. I was like #10 in line, and when he stepped off the elevator, it was pure pandemonium – people crowding to get their photo or video to share on social media. And just like that,  completely unaware of his own popularity, he took a  seat at the table and the book signing began. 

I’m looking forward to adding his book to my summer reading pile. When I finally got the chance to walk up to him and hand him my book, all I could say repeatedly was: “Thank you, Big Papi.” He responded, “You’re welcome.” Sigh.




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