Slow Start

So this month, I will start something new-ish – topics that interest me and things I am currently indulging in whether it be T.V., books, recipes, crafts – everything I am obsessed with now is on the table. Well, not everything. So starting with this post, I will reveal my monthly obsessions to you in the hopes that we can start a conversation and I can get back to blogging again. Let’s see if this works, and here’s to making some traction with our resolutions in 2019!

What I am obsessed with this month


My Ex-Life by Stephen McCauley Stephen is a professor at Brandeis University and he previously authored, The Object of My Affection. His new novel is a hilarious look at a couple that was once unfortunately married to one-another, divorced, then joined forces in order to put their lives back on track again. The setting takes place in a fictional seaside town on the North Shore of Massachusetts – think Grey Gardens – and the prose is both light and sardonic. This book got me through the recent January winter storm and kept me entertained page after page.

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah. I feel like I’ve seen this book on everyone’s TBR pile and rightly so. This. Is. My. Favorite. Read. It truly is. First off, it takes place in a remote fictional town in Alaska – you know the kind of town that you read about people “roughing it” in Outside magazine or you see it on the Nat Geo channel – in the comfort of your own home with modern amenities. Yes, this is that book that transports you into this world where it’s nature vs. man and you realize the main characters may not actually make it. Without revealing any more of the plot, I will say this book should be on everyone’s 2019 list this year, because it will be a classic in no time.


You on Netflix. I started reading Caroline Kepnes’ stalker book late last year, and it totally threw me off. To the point where I had to put it down and walk away. What was I reading? I had no idea, so when Netflix grabbed the rights of the Lifetime series, I decided to give it another shot. Couldn’t have been happier with this decision. I will say, give it a try, the series runs long in spots, but the surprise ending is worth it!


I have made this recipe a few times this month, I even tried it with lasagne – like in the video – and decided that tortellini was the better choice. I came to it by accident, as I found myself almost tossing out perfectly good leeks and mushrooms and so then I googled, “leeks and mushrooms recipe” and I found this perfection. Thank you, Gordon Ramsey.

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