Five Days in the NH Lakes Region

NH Lakes Region

Spending five days in the New Hampshire Lakes Region with a dog and boyfriend can seem stressful to the average singleton vacationer, but with a little help from a few locals and fantastic weather, we managed to enjoy ourselves and truly experience the meaning of “lake time.” To read more about my vacation in NH, please visit my friends at LakeLife-NH who were gracious enough to publish my article in two parts. And please visit their web site for more information about the NH Lakes Region as well as check out their merchandise!

Happy Birthday, America

So, how is your July going? Usually when the July 4th holiday rolls around, I’m trying to make plans for my summer vacation in August. This year, I decided to schedule that vacation in July, which makes it an even more crazier time to plan.

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Five Reasons to See an 80’s Band

80's band at Indian Ranch 2017, Huey Lewis and The News

I’m still on a natural high from seeing the 80’s band, Huey Lewis and The News perform at Indian Ranch last weekend, so much so that it left me wondering, “Do other people have this much fun watching a bunch of 60 year-old’s play live?” Dunno. But here are five reasons why I think you would enjoy it – and if you haven’t seen Huey Lewis and The News live – you need to add them to your bucket list.

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Book Review: “The Forever Summer”

Book cover: The Forever SummerI will preface this by saying Jamie Brenner is not your every-day New England type. She hails from Philadelphia and NYC, respectfully. But that doesn’t stop her from recreating the perfect New England summer escape in her latest, “The Forever Summer”. 

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Things to Do in Noank

Noank, CT

Last summer, I decided to go someplace not The Cape and not coastal Maine, so when my sister told me about this little place right off the water called Noank, CT, where you had to ask for directions because it wouldn’t show up on a GPS,  I was sold. Here is my list of things to do in Noank, CT. 

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