Mid Year Blog Crisis

Did you miss me?

In January, my grams took ill and it was touch and go for awhile. She appears to be on the mend, but not out of the woods yet. I mean, she’s 94 and weighs 70 pounds so every day is a gift and she keeps going.

On top of that, my sister decided to move across the country with her family in February for a new opportunity. In Utah. Yes, Utah. From Massachusetts to Utah. <Sigh>.

And here I am, trying to kickstart this blog again and stay the course. I’m polling y’all on instagram today to help me decide if I want to focus on:

  1. Lifestyle blog
  2. Book blog
  3. Both.

Yep, you could say I am having a mid-year blog crisis.

While I sort this out, I photographed some beautiful scenery this week that reminded me of how lucky we are in New England to experience all four seasons.

Check back in the next few weeks to see what I have decided to do and in the meantime, keep those comments coming.

– XO


home decorating
Cute cranberry tree with white birdhouse



magnolia leaves
Magnolia droppings paired with Tory Burch flats.


spring at the lake
spring at the lake

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