Happy Birthday, America

So, how is your July going? Usually when the July 4th holiday rolls around, I’m trying to make plans for my summer vacation in August. This year, I decided to schedule that vacation in July, which makes it an even more crazier time to plan.

Over the long weekend however, I decided it was more important to relax and push off the vacation packing list until later in the week. For starters, I decided to catch-up on some Netflix watching as well as finish the book that everyone is reading. Here’s a list of what I am watching and reading over the 4th of July weekend:

What I’m Watching Now:

The Keepers – This Netflix documentary is not something you would want to watch with the family. If you have a few hours of down-time, sneak this into your day. Its an eerie and sad tale of an unsolved murder that took place in Baltimore, MD in 1969. It’s not for the faint of heart. If you like podcasts like Serial, this is not to be missed.

Riverdale – I’m late to the game on this campy series but I love it. Yes, its gimmicky and cartoon-ish, just like its characters, but to me, it screams summer.

What I’m Reading Now:

I just finished the new Denis Lehane novel, “Since We Fell,” and except for the last few chapters, it wasn’t a bad beach read. It’s a bit of a departure from his earlier novels, however, but a psychological thriller nonetheless.

For my second book, I chose Anthony Horowitz’s “The Magpie Murders“. It’s part Agatha Christie meets Sherlock Holmes. I’m not too far into yet, but I think this could be a 4-star read.

You can check out the rest of my summer reading list on Goodreads. And whatever you decide to do on this holiday weekend, I hope it is relaxing and enjoyable.

Happy 4th!


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