Five Reasons to See an 80’s Band

80's band at Indian Ranch 2017, Huey Lewis and The News

I’m still on a natural high from seeing the 80’s band, Huey Lewis and The News perform at Indian Ranch last weekend, so much so that it left me wondering, “Do other people have this much fun watching a bunch of 60 year-old’s play live?” Dunno. But here are five reasons why I think you would enjoy it – and if you haven’t seen Huey Lewis and The News live – you need to add them to your bucket list.

1. Live for the past not the present.
Most people attending an 80’s band concert are living for the memories – maybe they want to relive high school, prom or their rock star crush. In other words, a bunch of cool people hanging out just looking for a good time. And did I mention there is alcohol involved?

2. You know all the words to the songs.
This is such a no-brainer. Disclaimer: The band may get crazy and throw in a few “new” tunes, but usually only two or three make it into a 90 minute set.

3. Tickets are cheap and you can get them at the last minute.
Well, cheaper than say U2. And you can get them same day, usually, unless you are seeing Bret Michaels, and if that’s the case, forget about it.

4. Better concert t-shirt’s.
Since you have extra money from the low-cost of the ticket, these will be extra special.

5. Because it’s fun.
Seriously, this will probably be the coolest thing you’ll do all summer.


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